Commercial and Residential HVAC Units – What is the Difference?

Commercial gainesville heating and air systems provide the necessary heating and cooling in a room. A commercial HVAC unit is generally used for large spaces like offices, businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. These units are more robust and often require several other components. Some of these components include:

Heat Pump: An HVAC unit that uses a heat pump to move the heated water from the atmosphere into the rooms of a building. Heat pumps can be used for air conditioning as well as heating. A heat pump is an energy-efficient solution for cooling and heating in a commercial space.

Ventilation System: A ventilation system allows conditioned air to be circulated throughout a space, in keeping with the specific requirements of each room. This ventilates the rooms while simultaneously supplying fresh air into the area. There are two types of ventilation systems available in heat units. If there are no windows, then it would be appropriate to install a duct system, which is typically comprised of a fan, a duct, and a filter. For large buildings, there are usually multiple ducts and a gas delivery system is typically required.

Heating/ Cooling System: A majority of commercial HVAC systems need to be connected to an electrical source. This connection is usually a gas line. In most cases, the gas supply is from a compressor to the unit and is controlled by an air handler. Most residential HVAC units are powered by natural gas. Most residential HVAC systems need an air handler to activate the system, which has a control knob, a thermostat, and a circuit breaker.

Roofing: Commercial HVAC systems also have the task of protecting the structure from the elements. The roof of commercial buildings is typically constructed of concrete or tile. The roof needs to be sealed and vented to provide the system with fresh air. Commercial buildings can experience extreme temperature changes, so the roof needs to be properly insulated and sealed to prevent heat damage.


When it comes to providing heating and cooling for a building’s interior, commercial hvac services can provide central air conditioning (chilled) as well as ductless systems for refrigeration. Depending on the specific application, heating may be provided by one central unit or by several units using ductwork. gainesville heating and air Commercial HVAC services are able to make recommendations to businesses regarding specifics, such as insulation requirements, in order to reduce energy costs. These recommendations may be influenced by the existing climate conditions surrounding the building. See page for HVAC commercial maintenance services.

provide heat and cooling for a variety of applications, but these systems also have the ability to cool and ventilate commercial buildings. Commercial buildings include office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and storage facilities. They also include hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, and other health care facilities. These larger commercial buildings often require specialized equipment to properly heat and cool their indoor environments.

Residential HVAC units are typically placed in homes instead of office buildings. The primary difference is that residential HVAC units are not constructed to tolerate the same external environmental factors. Residential heating and cooling systems are typically placed indoors where they can better control external noise pollution. These devices are also usually powered by natural gas or propane fuel. If they are placed outside, they are typically placed in greenhouses or garages so that they can be protected from damage from the sun, rain, snow, or ice. For more detailed information, see page:,_ventilation,_and_air_conditioning.

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